Henry was raised by a young 4-H girl in the Shenandoah Valley of VA. When the young girl was finished showing him at the county fair, Henry went to live at Whitehall Farm. He became the lead steer to a small herd of cattle. It was his job to make sure the little steers drank enough water and ate enough grass and hay. Besides his job as lead steer, Henry was a very, very curious cow. He would look over the shoulders of the farmers as they fixed fencing. He would stick his big nose into the animal doctor’s bag when she gave his boys a checkup. If Henry could get to where something was going on, you could bet he’d be there. Join Henry and his miming sidekicks, Edna and Ernie Earbird, as they meet all the animals and people on the farm and learn all about them, their jobs, and why they are important to the farm.


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Henry the Curious Cow Paperback

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